Sixth Ring Ceramics
Epicurean Pottery

Sixth Ring Ceramics

Epicurean Pottery

20180716_093326The finale of the Minnesota New Institute for Ceramic Education was a show for graduates of the program.

The Arc of the Moral Universe: Understanding (the past); Hope (for the future); Compassion NOW. 

IMGP4729Homage to Dave Drake, Potter.

This was inspired by the book : Carolina Clay, The Life and Legend of the Slave Potter Dave by Leonard Todd

IMGP4713The Beauty of Diversity:

This diversity of “compassionate tumblers” is a visual example of the beauty possible in differences of size shape and color

IMGP4671We are Bound Together in a  Common Humanity

The rope motif has several references in this setting.  The one highlighted here is the fact that we are bound together in the human family as social (sharing) creatures.

MNice final show spread of compassionCompassion is what we can carry with us every day as we interact with other humans or sentient beings.


Hope here is the use of imagination to see a world of greater racial justice.
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