Rock River Pitcher

Northern Minnesota and thoughts of smooth stones found on Lake Superior inspired the surface carving on this pitcher. Midnight Blue liner. 6″tall x 6″ deep at handle x 4″ wide. Holds ~ 20 oz


MD Vase

This relatively large vase is covered in a Malcolm Davis glaze. It’s presence on a side table with or without flowers makes a statement. The liner is a Sixth Ring Ceramic developed glaze. 9 inches tall 7 inches across


Pineapple inspired vessel– NEW item in a line of pineapple vessels

A unique inspiration from pineapples which has become a very popular item This vessel would make a striking vase on the table or a utilities tool holder next to the stove.


Old Fashion Glasses

Set of 4 Red bottom, weighted Old Fashion glasses. Actually, these are double old fashioned glasses at 8 oz pour. Sold as a set of 4 ($75) or set of 2 ($40)… Size 3.5 x3.5


Pitcher with Incised Surface

With a rope like handle and a texture surface this pitcher will hold any cold or hot beverage or serve as water pitcher at dinner. Copper glazes developed by Sixth Ring Studio…. Size 7.25 x 6.5 deep x 5.5 wide Holds 40 oz


Graspable Tumblers Set#4

This group of 6 tumblers can be purchased in various quantities. Liner is red glazed with three nominally blue glazes sprayed over exterior giving a subtle blue to blue green color to brown variable exterior. (2 for $35; 3 for $55; 4 for $60;) …12 oz pours. 4″ tall x 4″ wide


Faceted Saki Set

Tokkuri 6″ tall x 4″”


Temoku tumblers

These glasses could be used for wine, an aperitif or digestif. Deep brown color of the temoku glaze adds a rich color to any table. ($25 pair) THREE LEFT… 3 inch tall by about 3.5 inches wide with 3 inch opening, 8 oz pour


Graspable tumblers Set #2

Group of three tumblers with persimmon liner glaze and a sprayed on red persimmon variation exterior that gives a deep red. 8 to 10 oz pours. ($35 for pair; $50 for all three)… 4″tall x 3.25″ widest


Graspable Tumblers Set #3

This group of 7 tumblers can be purchased in various quantities (check for pricing). Liner is a green variation on a Persimmon Glaze with two glazes sprayed over exterior giving a subtle blue green color to brown variable exterior. ($35 for pair; $55 for 3; $60 for 4; $100 for all Seven) … 3.25″ to 3.75″ tall x 4″ to 4.5″ wide ~12 oz pours


Roped Rim large bowl

The dark ochre clay exterior is contrasted with the deep blue interior, highlighted by the oversized “rim handle”. 10.5 inches wide 5 inches tall


Red lined ochre bowl

Large serving bowl with a deep red interior, raw clay exterior. 5″ tall x 11.25 ” dia


Bound together in a common humanity mixing bowl set

As a part of the exhibit on the Moral Universe, this 3 bowl set represent communities “roped ” in this together. Deep red interior. Based on an interpretation of late 19th-early 20th Century mixing bowls. Sold as a set. Individual sales possible. Contact Peter at Sixth Ring Ceramics for a discussion of separate pieces. 5.5″ tall x 11.5″dia; 4.25″ x 9″dia; 3″tall x 7.5″ dia


Small Vase

Simple vase. It has potential for those small hands that bring flowers in from the yard. 4.5 ” tall x 3.75″wide


Red lined Vase

it’s a vase 6 ” tall x 3.75 “


Japanese inspired large globe pot

This blue globe shaped piece can be eye catching on an entry table. 7″ tall x 9″wide.


Homage to Dave the slave potter (Dave Drake)

(see gallery) Some years ago I was gifted a book, Carolina Clay by Leonard Todd, after doing a workshop in South Carolina. The book was an historical story, piecing together what is known about an accomplished slave potter known as Dave. He is remembered due to his literacy, skill and the short couplets and statements he inscribed on his large functional pots. There is a connection across centuries, social status and race that I felt reading about Dave. This is my homage to a relatively unknown skilled functional potter who used the power of language to enhance his work in a time when that was dangerous. 20″ tall x 21″ widest


Vase, a study in Geometry NEW

This vase uses basic angles and curves, Eight and a half tall and 3.5 inches at the wide. the is a simple set of forms that could adorn a coffee table in the hall with flowers in season.


Blu Salad Bowl Setting for 4-NEW

The large serving bowl is accompanied by four matching individual bowls all with distinct matching rims. There are several variations of blue in the glazing. Large bowl 11″ x 3.5″; small bowls 6.5″ x 2.5″


Sale of a couple of bowls

A couple of eating bowls, around 6 inches across. Image is one of two Celadon glazed. Special sale of $10 each or two for $15.


Pineapple inspired vessel– NEW item in a line of pineapple vessels

A unique inspiration from pineapples which has become a very popular item This vessel would make a striking vase on the table or a utilities tool holder next to the stove.


Prep bowl for the kitchen-NEW

This delightful little bowl is a perfect gift for the baker in your life. 3.5″ x 2″


Kitchen flat working bowl NEW

This functional small flat bowl with a spout is best used for dry ingredients in cooking or baking. 5.5″ x 1″


Goblets or are they chalices; Very NEW

On the suggestion of a close friend i dove into goblet making. It turns out to be a lot more satisfying then expected! There are two available, the one shown in a variegated brown (temoko) with blue rims straight . Others can be ordered on a custom basis. 8-9 oz pours 6″ tall


Compassion Mugs-NEW

Solid white glaze on a solid white clay the coloring is a nod to the simple diner coffee mug, just not so simple, as life seems to go. In these complicated times a simple approach might be one of Compassion. 10-12 oz pour, 4” tall and 5-6 inches across at the handle.


Stemless Wine Glasses reNEW

This has been a popular style now brought back. A simple shape particularly suited for wine (although any beverage is possible). 8 oz pours 2.5″ opening, 3.5″ tall Price single $20/pair $35/three $50/four $60


Marbled Mixing bowl set (medium and small)-NEW

The clay used is a combination of dark and white with a translucent green glaze. Made in the tradition of the early 20th century mixing bowls with a strong rim for lifting this pair is functional and visually appealing in your kitchen. Size 7.5″ x 3″ and 4″ x 2.5″


Two toned medium Plates NEW

These plates at 8 inches across make for a great daily lunch plate or dessert plates for a special occasion. Priced individually, up to 5 plates are available, with the potential for up to seven now.


used tea bag caddy

What do you do with a wet tea bag as you take it out of your mug of hot tea? Here is an elegant simple solution. A couple of inches across. One available, more can be ordered with customized glazing for future delivery